Hardwood Floor Renew Maintenance

I want to keep my new floor looking good…
You can. A wooden floor is so easy to maintain. Just avoid abrasive cleaners of any kind.


Lacquered floors

Give a regular sweeping and/or vacuuming to remove dirt and grit.

Avoid using revolving vacuum cleaner brushes – and try to prevent excess moisture while cleaning. Use a damp mop, along with a wooden floor cleaner, as recommended by the manufacturer. In some situations, the finish can be maintained with specialist products.

As the floor loses its lustre, apply new coats of lacquer, after a light sanding-down of the original surface.


Waxed floors

These require similar treatment: sweep, vacuum and /or mop them on a regular basis.Then buff to maintain their shine.

For optimal condition, apply wax – or a combination wax and liquid cleaner – once or twice a year. Apply evenly, leave to dry for 20 minutes – and buff until you get the finish you want.

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