Sealants are the final stage in restoration – and determine the durability and lasting appearance of your new floor.

Don’t lacquers look artificial ?

Not nowadays. Modern lacquers no longer have the old ‘plastic’ look of traditional varnish. They have a silky
sheen with a matt, satin or high gloss finish.

Lacquers are both more durable and easier to maintain than oil sealants. They are resistant to wear and invaluable for areas of mid to heavy traffic.

As they are not a natural material, they can restrict the breathability of your hardwood floor. And they may discolour your floor.

For areas with lighter usage, choose a part polyurethane/part acrylic floor lacquer – which will not yellow or darken the wood.

Lacquers require three applications – and left for 24 hours to dry.

We will demonstrate the recommended sealants during your free assessment.

I prefer a natural finish…

So go for wax. The traditional finish – requiring at least two applications – and completely natural and safe for your family, home, business and the environment.

Hard wax oil is a deservedly popular natural product based on waxes and vegetable oils. It has the ideal balance between natural oil and lacquer – combining the natural look with improved durability.

Being micro-porous, it does not crack, flake, peel or blister. With a greater resistance to drying out than natural oil, it is suitable for areas of high humidity.

Like natural oil, it brings out the natural colour of the wood, by emphasising its natural grain. Continual protection is easy: just apply more coats or a thinned down ‘revive coat’.

Hard wax can cope with challenging situations. A house in Twickenham had a parquet floor whose blocks were adhering well – despite their dampness from an underground river.

We applied a water-based finish which went white and peeled off within two days.

After sanding, we chose an oil based stain – and then sealed the floor with three coats of Osmo hard wax. This not only adhered well to the parquet surface, but prevented the moisture rising.

So instead of having to replace their parquet floor, the grateful owners have a dry beautiful floor surface – at considerable saving.

Contact us for your free assessment – when we will help you choose the most appropriate finish for your particular floor.

For the ultimate traditional natural look of a wooden floor, choose oil. It provides water repellence along with abrasion and scuff-resistance.

Natural oil does tend to dry out in humid conditions, but it is easy to maintain the floor. Top-up the finish with extra coats of oil to cover minor damage.

Oil coats come in matt or satin finishes – and can take up to 24 hrs to dry.

Decide for yourself during your free assessment – when you see the properties of natural oils and the various other sealants.

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